Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Baby locs and Jojoba don't mix

I just got my hair retightened and as soon as my consultant touched my hair she knew that I had used oil in my hair. She said that it is not irreonciliable damage but I've set myself back some. I have gaps in some of my locs now. I could have been that much closer to having matured locs. I was alternating between spritzing with Rosewater and with my concotion of distilled water with about two or three drops of jojoba oil in it. So, I stopped using my concotion and am only using the Rosewater now. I started using the jojoba mix because my hair just looked so dull to me. I have since figured it out though. I was trying not to wash to often, only about 1X every two weeks. However, I noticed that after a wash, my hair was georgeous. So, I wash about once or twice a week and as long as I braid and band it and seperate them after, I am not hindering the loc process in any manner. I love to wash it and then do a braid out. It is so full of body and it reflects the true length of my hair. I am truly loving this journey.

I go to the next level in about a week and a half. I'll be taking the consultant class in November, I can't wait. I am going to work with my consultant on a part-time basis initially with the intention of going full-time, God willing. Thanks for keeping me up in your prayers for all the praying peeps. The awesome thing about it is that she will get all of the clients, I just have to show up and be ready to work, God is most definently good!

I'll post some new pictures soon.

Naturaly FreeSL'd 17 weeks

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