Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I have two more weeks before my next appt. yet, I have about 4 or 5 locs that have slipped. My 1st two months, I barely had any slippage but I am noticing more after my last retightening. I have done more braid out styles opposed to just free-stylin and I sometimes use a mist of distilled water and Jojoba oil in rotation with my Rosewater. I wonder if the braidout or the Jojoba oil is causing the slippage. I only put a few drops of it in the water. I'll be so happy after November because I would have taken the consultant class by then and will be able to maintain my own locs. Oh well...until next time.



Jazzilocs said...

You know I think I am still confused about slippage vs. bunching. Do you have pics of slipped hair?

Jazzilocs said...

Me again sorry....I just saw your question on my page. No I had all natural hair. But now that you say that my weekold Sl's did look like they had perm on the ends. I wore an afro for a year and my TWA turned into a BAA and I knew it was time to lock!!

brunsli said...

I hear you, I have slippage too! I don't have anything useful to tell you myself, but a consultant on the list suggested a reverse double 3 pattern in the areas prone to slippage, so I will ask my consultant to try that next time.