Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I am trying my darnest to sit here and just be thankful that I am gainfully employed. But...I am counting down the hours, I am so ready to get out of here, ughhhhhhhhh!

Anyhow, I am in dire need of a retightening. My 1st retighten is scheduled for the 3rd of September. I'm still not sure why my consultant wanted to wait so long to retighten, 8 weeks. But...I like the full look that I have with some, well a lot of new growth. My hair is very thick so the parts weren't really an issue for me, thank God. Anyhow, I'll be sure to blog about how my appointment goes time wise and I pray that it won't HURT like it did when they were first put in!

Freestylin until next time,
Naturaly Free
SL'd 7 wks

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Jazzilocs said...

I know the feeling of wanting to LEAVE and go home.