Sunday, August 28, 2005

I got my Soc

Let me just say that it is so awesome to see black folks with their own businesses that are based on professionalism, class and awesome customer service. Big ups to Denise Reed, owner of L.B. Soc. I ordered my socs and received them three days later. I added a note to my order that one of the Socs were for my daughter and if she had a juvenille style, please substitute. She emailed me the next day and let me know that she did not have any at the time, but thanks for asking and ordering. Well, I got my Socs and instead of there being the two Socs that I ordered, there were three with a note saying, "Thanks - I'm not sure what age your daughter is but see if she likes this denim one". So, I got three socs for the price of two in her effort to please my daughter. Needless to say, she has my word of mouth advertising! Oh, and it stayed on all night long!

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Tasha said...

Denise is a sweetheart. I order one a few months ago, and since she was late with my order, she sent me three instead of one. May she stay in business forever!