Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Acid Reflux?

OK, I've been having sporadic chest pains for a minute now, I finally had enough and went to the Dr's today. I really didn't know what to expect, I am only 29 but we never know. I know that my diet sucks and that I need to eat better. I may do OK for about 2 days and then it's like, give me the junk. Anyhow, he ran a EKG, did chest x-rays and praise God, they all came back normal. Now, to just be on the safe side, I have to go back and have some blood work done. My sister said that it may just be acid-reflux and I was like, I'm going to find out for sure before I just think lightly of it. Anyhow, the Dr. was like, I'm going to put you on this medicine etc... From what I could tell, everything came back normal so he was no closer to knowing what was wrong with me. So, I was like, what is the medicine treating? He said something gastro... something. He gave me some Prevacid pills and I looked them up and sure enough they are for Acid Reflux-Disease. Now why couldn't he just say that he believes that I have ARD and that's what he was prescribing the medicine for. Anyhow, I appreciate him being so thourogh in his examiniation. How does this relate to SL's, the nurse, while taking my BP said, "I love your hair" and did a little flip to my hair with her finger. I was like thanks :->

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