Sunday, June 15, 2008

My hair

Well, I have been pressing my hair for the last year or so after I took my SL's down. I couldn't figure out how to manage my loose natural hair but I didn't want a perm so I started to get it pressed. It was SO long and pretty and then I had to go and put permanent color in it. It totally altered the texture of my hair. The body was gone and so was the beauty of my hair (to me). Anyhow, I have just continued to press it although I knew that it was damaged because when I shampoo my hair, some of the ends were still straight and would never revert back. Anyhow, I haven't pressed my hair for about a month or so and I just can't take it anymore. It looks so damaged because those ends are bone straight while the rest was kinky. Well, I took the scissors out and just started cutting.It's just hair right, it'll grow back. I will have to go to someone to let them even it out for me but I'm going to let it grow out a little first. I cut A LOT off but it was needed. Now, it'll be able to grow healthy and so much quicker. I'll keep you updated. Hunh, what does this have to do with SL's...I'm still considering getting a second set but I want to court my loose natural for a while first ;>
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