Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another possible client...yay

For the last two days, Pat and I have been playing phone tag. I wasn't sure who she was but my intuition told me that she was calling in reference to her hair. Well, we finally got in touch with each other , she was responding to an email that I sent her. She had looked me up on the SL website a few months ago and sent me an email. Well, she wasn't ready at that time but I was going through my old emails and any of them that were related to SL's, I sent a new email announcing my promotional prices. She is ready but she feels that she needs to let her hair grow out a little more. When she describes her hair to me though, I think it's long enough now. Anyhow, she's coming over this Saturday for a consultation and if it's long enough, we'll put the sample locks in and she'll schedule her locking session. I'm so could I have put this on the back burner...

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