Monday, May 26, 2008


Thanks Salkis for the recommendation of AlertPay! They are verified by Visa, the BBB, VeriSign Secured and HackerSafe. There was also a write up in CNN Money about how they are truly PayPals competition as PayPal and their freezing of funds are becoming an increasing problem. This is great, now my clients can easily use their credit or debit cards to make their deposit for their initial locking session or to make payments towards the full price if desired. I love business minded folks, thanks again for sharing...

Can ya'll tell how hyped I am, up at 4am, steady grinding. This is how work is supposed to feel, not where you are dreading the next day because you have to go. Just the opposite, where you can't sleep because you are so excited about what you do. I love SL's. Thanks Dr. C. (Have ya'll noticed how she makes comments on her guestbook very often. I would love the opportunity to meet her)

Night or should I say morning???

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CarmenNC said...

Paypal gets on my nerves sometimes. HISSSSS. LOL. Thank you for this post. I had never heard of AlertPay.