Thursday, September 01, 2005

Gas Prices and Compliments...

I just left the gas station, the last place I want to be. I am pissed about the gas prices. Um, umh, me and my babies might be pulling out the bikes :-> If prices go much higher, it won't be about the ability to pay, it will be about me refusing to pay because they are taking advantage of our dependency on gasoline when our country is at one of its weakest moments.

Anyhow, while at the gas station, I saw an old classmate. She was like, "girl your hair is so cute, who did it?" I told her and she was like, "Girl, how much does she charge?" I asked her if she knew what they were. She thought that they were some sort of twist. Then she asked again, how much? Now, i'm used to people looking at me like i'm stupid when I say how much, so I braced myself and told her. I also explained to her why they were so expensive and how over the long haul they are actually less expensive, both time-wise and monetarily. She sat there for a good 5 minutes admiring my hair. She told me I was going to make her stop perming her hair. Thing is, I need mine do so bad that what I know could look better, she thinks it is georgous. I ended up giving her my phone number so that when I finish the class in November, if she is able, she can get her hair done too.


brunsli said...

Fantastic blog! I can totally relate -- from doctor's offices to the gas station to people asking you how much it costs (so rude). Isn't it nice that you look great to the outside world when you yourself feel like you're having a bad hair day?? Somehow our hair relates to everything!

Anni said...

Gas in general is going up all over the world. It's going to run out one day. These are just the beginning hiccups. It's not just because the US is in a weaker moment. It's still cheaper in the US than in many countries.

Love your hair by the way! It looks nice and thick. Keep representing!